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Information about the PTSA

The Parent, Teacher, and Student Association for the Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology seeks to contribute to and enhance the academic and overall educational experience of TJHSST students while providing supplemental supports to TJ faculty and staff.

PTSA Programs

Membership dues comprise the largest source of income for the PTSA. We use these funds to directly benefit TJ’s students and teachers. With each of our programs we strive to enhance the academic experience and create a sense of community and cooperation among parents, students and faculty.

Here is a small sample of what the PTSA accomplished just last year:

Faculty and School Support

  • Provided $10,000 in professional development and classroom support for TJ faculty
  • Lobbied state and local representatives and school board members for increased funding for TJ
  • Provided volunteer support for JLC and Stembassadors Program
  • Treated TJ faculty and staff to four fabulous meals, courtesy of our Hospitality Committee
  • Hosted faculty and parent small group lunches
  • Paid for over $3,400 of library subscriptions for research materials
  • Collected over $15,000 in rebate programs offered by Amazon, eScrip and Harris Teeter
  • Provided Diversity outreach support
  • Organized Volunteers to Proctor AP Exams
  • Assembled Parent Focus Groups to support the accreditation process
  • Assisted FCPS in the Principal Selection Process
  • Provided Support to Faculty on academic issues

Student Support

  • Allocated over $18,000 to support school programs including the freshman Shakespeare Festival, Science Fair, and Mentorship Fair
  • Co-Hosted the Back to School Bash for students, faculty and staff
  • Provided snacks for students taking AP exams
  • Provided cake to entire school to celebrate Newsweek #1 ranking
  • Conducted a Reflections fine and performing arts competition to promote the creative arts
  • Provided Planners for students

Parent Support

  • Published TJ’s Student Directory
  • Hosted 5 Principal and Student Services Coffees for Parents
  • Published Weekly newsletters, This Week @ TJ, to keep our community up to date and in the know
  • Maintained our informative PTSA website, www.tjptsa.org
  • Hosted Cluster Parties for new TJ students and their families
  • Organized Curriculum Webinar series to help parents understand the course selection process
  • Sponsored Mental Wellness Events on important health and wellness topics
  • Hosted Parent-to Parent Discussions on navigating TJ and Curricular Support

TJ PTSA Executive Committee for 2017-2018

Position Name Email
President Hardish Nandra president@tjptsa.org
President-Elect Cindy Gersony presidentelect@tjptsa.org
1st Vice President Marilena Barletta firstvp@tjptsa.org
2nd Vice President Shengmei Geng secondvp@tjptsa.org
Treasurer Huaying Davis treasurer@tjptsa.org
Recording Secretary Yuyan Zhou recordingsecretary@tjptsa.org
Corresponding Secretary Jyotsna Dabbi correspondingsecretary@tjptsa.org
PTSA Group Email ptsa@tjptsa.org
Volunteer Coordinator volunteercoordinator@tjptsa.org
This Week @ TJ thisweek@tjptsa.org
PTSA Group Email ptsa@tjptsa.org

Become a Member

PTSA memberships and donations are the major source of the PTSA budget. Please fill in a TJ PTSA 2017-2018 Membership and Donation Form and mail it to the PTSA along with your check or join and pay online. The PTSA will provide an online directory to PTSA members.




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