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We bet you have lots of questions. Well, we are here to help. Many of your questions can be answered by the information on this webpage. If you still have questions, don’t hesitate to contact us at PTSA.

The most important first step in becoming part of the community is to register with us so that we can send you infomrtio non welcome gatherings in your area, reach out to you with our weekly email newsblast, and contact you with other important information like volunteering and registering for our directory.

Note that because of the way the system works, registering with the PTSA and joining the PTSA are two different operations. Registering with the PTSA does not automatically make you a member. Please make sure you do both steps. It is preferred that you do these steps online but paper forms are available if that is not possible for you.

Other Information

Welcome Gatherings

The PTSA representatives for each Fairfax County Cluster and participating Counties are hosting gatherings for the class of 2021 and their families. Cluster gathering information can be found here at TJ PTSA Class of 2021 Welcome Gatherings.

  • To identify your Cluster, look at the left most column of the Cluster Party document until you find your base high school.
  • If your gathering date is not convenient, feel free to attend another gathering, but inform the reps first.

Why should you attend these gatherings? At each gathering, current TJ students and parents answer questions about classes, homework, sports, other activities and parent volunteer opportunities. Also, this is a great way to meet other TJ ’19 students and arrange carpools for summer school, summer athletic practices, and more.

TJHSST Communication with Parents

There are many ways to stay informed as to what is going on at TJ. This document, TJHSST Parents How to Stay Informed, summarizes them and gives instructions as to how to make sure you update them correctly with your information. TJ communicates with parents using three primary email systems. To ensure that you are well-informed regarding your student’s high school career, it is advisable to update your contact information in all three places:

    1. Keep In Touch (KIT): Messages primarily from the Principal (and FCPS) use the KIT system. Parents can update their contact information by either calling the school, or updating their emergency contact card information online through the weCare@school module found on their Parent View Blackboard account under “weCare@school”.
    2. Blackboard/Naviance: The Department of Student Services (including the Director of Student Services, Counselors, and the College and Career Center) use an email list obtained from a separate module known as Naviance/Family Connection found on Blackboard. Parents should update their contact information in the “My Information” section found on their Parent View Blackboard account to update their information in Naviance, in addition to the “weCare@school” section also found on their Parent View Blackboard account to update Keep in Touch. (Note: Parents must update Naviance themselves in “My Information” on Blackboard – the school is unable to update the Naviance module.) Parents will only receive emails from the Department of Student Services if they have a Parent View Blackboard account, and the email address is current.
    3. PTSA Database: The PTSA maintains its own database to communicate with parents, since TJ uses Keep in Touch primarily for messages from the Principal’s office. Many important communications related to specific classes and activities are sent through the PTSA, including Freshman Lock-In, Senior Graduation activities, Fair Grade Policies, Proposed Changes to Curriculum Requirements, and many other issues relevant to your students’ academic and social lives. Please click here to put your contact information in the PTSA database, if you haven’t already done so.

Note that because of the way the system works, registering for inclusion in the directory and joining the PTSA are two different operations. Joining the PTSA does not automatically put you in the directory as you need to make your opt-in/opt-out selections for your directory information. Please make sure you do both steps. It is preferred that you do these steps online but paper forms are available if that is not possible for you.

Don’t Forget to add TJ to your KIT Subscription!!





Finally, parents also should update their KIT subscription to include TJHSST (look for “Jefferson HSST”) as a school from which it would like to receive communications. For directions, go to

Guide to Giving

TJ staff and students rely on funding from the PTSA, the many TJ Booster organizations, and the TJ Partnership Fund. To understand the purposes and structure of these different organizations and the level of contribution typical for each activity — both financial and volunteer — please read our Guide to Giving.


In Fairfax County, students usually ride the neighborhood bus to their base high school with the base school kids. Then they transfer to a bus which takes them to TJ. Fairfax County students can request to be picked up from a different high school besides their base school, and accommodations will be made as space is available. Watch for the online survey soon after Freshmen Registration to submit your request. Outside of Fairfax County, there are “hubs” — schools where the kids catch their bus to TJ. Many parents drive their kids directly to the base high school to save time and/or to let their kids sleep in a bit. Some parents form parent carpools to take kids directly to TJ. Many TJ students are engaged in some form of after school activity from sports to music or drama to academic clubs. It is common practice to develop carpools at the beginning of each seasonal activity, so don’t hesitate to contact others at the first couple of practices or meetings. Read the TJ Schedule and Attendance webpage to learn all about red, blue, anchor, and JLC days. Note that when FCPS closes two hours early, TJ is dismissed at 10:50 a.m. When schools open two hours late, follow your regular schedule plus 2 hours, except on JLC days when 2 hour late arrival means arrive by 10:30a.m. We highly encourage you to contact your cluster representative with any questions about TJ.

After school activities

Sports events, plays, concerts, dances and such happen after the instructional day. There are also events sponsored by various groups within the school that occur after school and on weekends (such as the annual MUN conference, Math competitions, It’s Academic tournaments). These are numerous and change from year to year. Check the weekly newsletter, check the school calendar, and sign up for KIT to keep up with all the TJ activities. You can find a lot of information about TJ activities on the various Booster websites, which include: Academic Boosters, Athletic Boosters, Band Boosters, Choral Boosters, Crew Boosters, Orchestra Boosters, and Theater Boosters. The school’s website includes information on Art and Activities.

Language Assistance

Do you need language assistance? We can help you overcome your language barriers for school events and teacher/counselor communication, and by providing a parent volunteer’s contact information if you have any questions. FCPS interpreters can be requested if 5 or more families request them 2 weeks before a school event or teacher/counselor meeting. A list of Volunteer opportunities for Language Minority Parents is available in English, Chinese, and Korean. Our Cultural Liaison parent volunteers hold meetings and are available to assist you. Contact any PTSA officer if you need assistance.

Sports Physicals

To play sports during the upcoming school year, you must have a physical dated May 1 or later. You can have your sports physical done at TJ and support the boosters at the same time. This year, the physicals will be held at TJ on Thursday, June 11, 2015. Appointments will be available between 4:30pm and 6:30pm. Further information will be posted as it becomes available.

See the Colonial Athletic Boosters website for all your TJ sports info.

Summer School

TJ Summer School web page. Information about class offerings, exact dates, registration, and fees are posted on the TJ website.

SOL Tests

Fairfax County public school students SOL scores should already be entered into our system, leaving nothing for FCPS parents to do. IF your child attended a public middle school outside of FCPS, we are hopeful that your scores will come with your child’s records. Sometimes, however, they do not. Please retain copies of your child’s official score report, just in case. If needed, you child’s counselor will contact you in the Fall. IF your child attended a private middle school or was homeschooled and has never taken SOL exams, your child will be scheduled to take them during the first two weeks of January. Fo more information , contact TJ’s Assessment Coach: Adam Wong.

, 703-750-8372.

A to Z – A Beginners Guide to TJHSST

You will want to quickly understand the language used at our school, so make sure you read “From AudLob to Zzzzs”. Intended as a guide for parents (since the incoming students will quickly learn the language) it is chock full of the words and abbreviations that make understanding daily life at TJHSST so much easier. You’ll find out that is TJ Speak for the Auditorium Lobby, where to go if you are invited to a meeting at the CCC, why some students feel confident in arriving late to school on Thursday mornings and lots of other fun TJ information? Written by a parent of a student of the class of 2006 and updated annually, this booklet is intended to help TJHSST parents feel comfortable in their role of guiding their student through the world of TJ.

This Week @ TJ

This Week @ TJ, the PTSA newsletter, is sent to registered parents via email each week. Click here to subscribe to the newsletter. All the past editions of This Week @ TJ are also available here.


We have volunteer opportunities galore! You can find Volunteer information on the r Volunteer webpage.


Support the PTSA and you help TJ. It can be as easy as registering your Giant, Safeway, and Harris Teeter cards or shopping online through the PTSA portal for or eScrip. Everything you need to know is on our Support The PTSA webpage.

Additional Useful Information