Volunteering at TJ

Volunteer information

The PTSA relies upon its many parent volunteers to help implement the various programs and events it plans during the year. Please consider spending some of your time helping the TJ community. There are scores of volunteer opportunities at TJ and the PTSA has something for everyone. No matter how much or how little time you have (or how close to or far from school you may be), you find something that accommodates your schedule. Come to TJ once a week, every other week or once a month or serve on an as needed basis. You can even help out from home without ever having to come to TJ (though we would love to see you).

Please complete this form to let us know how you would like to help.


Why I Volunteer with the PTSA

I started volunteering to find out what TJ was really like for students. I quickly discovered that TJ is a really engaging place, with fun smart kids and dedicated teachers, plus great parent volunteers who are very open to making new friends. There is NO better way to learn about TJ and become part of this amazing community than to volunteer.

–Silvija Strikis (’18)

Being the first generation immigrant, volunteering at TJ not only gives me the ideas of American high school culture that I never experienced myself, but also provides me the opportunities of making friends with other parents who come from all different backgrounds.

–Lan Fan (’17, ’18)

I didn’t realize how much of a personal connection we can have with the school until I started volunteering. Especially, since the high school system in the US so different than the one I come from. Volunteering at TJ also opened up more doors of communication with my kids since I can at least somewhat understand the challenges that they face on a day-to-day basis. Also, it is so much fun to meet other parents from different backgrounds and learn so much from their experiences.

–Mani Lanka (’18)

We expect and demand so much from our students and staff at the school, it’s only fair that we offer our own help, to help them meet those high expectations.

–Hardish Nandra (’13, ’19)

It’s all about having fun! I volunteer on projects that I care about and stay involved because of the friendships I make with other parents.

–Mary Pope (’18)

I love helping out at TJ because it’s fun. I’ve made many great, like-minded friends, and I’ve met many dedicated parents and teachers. TJ students are a special group of young adults, and I just love being around them and especially watching them interact with each other. They seem to appreciate what we do for them. They work so hard that I want to help them whenever I can and help make their TJ experience as memorable as possible.

–Susan Fearnow (’18)

Volunteering at TJ has allowed me to connect with so many nice parents, teachers and staff. It has helped me understand how the school works, what it’s like for my children to attend a high school like TJ and allows me to give a little back to a community of dedicated educators. Join in! You won’t regret it.

–Siobhan Johansson (’18, ’19)