PTSA Committees

PTSA Committees

Academic Committee

The Academic Committee was established to assist the TJ community in addressing issues surrounding academics, curriculum and policies and procedures that impact those areas.  The goal of the Academic Committee is to foster relationships with the TJ faculty and administration to build consensus for collaborative solutions through dialogue and engagement.  The Academic committee is committed to managing expectations among the parent community and educating new parents about the TJ experience to help parents better support their students.

Meetings are generally held once a month and are open to all parents.

For more information, please contact Academic Committee Chair Jen Atkin at

Diversity Committee

The Diversity Committee

  • Supports the Fairfax County Public Schools system’s and TJHSST’s efforts to ensure that talented students of all backgrounds and ethnic groups apply to TJHSST.
  • Supports the activities of student organizations that promote self-esteem among students of all backgrounds.
  • Encourages students to apply for admission to TJHSST who are members of the underrepresented groups; i.e. socioeconomic, geographic or racial.
  • Conducts test preparation and math enrichment courses for potential applicants to TJHSST and encourages students from underrepresented groups to attend the course (not available for 2014).
  • Conducts outreach to students who demonstrate potential for admission to TJHSST but, for whatever reason, might not be considering application.

For more on the mission of the Diversity Committee, please see the Charter.  For more information, please see the Diversity Committee’s additional resources or contact the Diversity Committee at

Health and Wellness Committee

The Health and Wellness Committee is dedicated to increasing awareness of mental health and emotional well being within the TJ community.  It sponsors a variety of events and activities that strive to educate parents about the importance of good mental health and well being for our students.

For more information please contact Health and Wellness Committee Chair Tricia Su at

Additional Health and Wellness Resources

Hospitality Committee

The Hospitality Committee hosts faculty luncheons, provides refreshments for Principal and DSS coffees and PTSA meeting.  Additionally, it organizes the refreshments and meal for the Science Fair that takes place in early February and assist the tjSTAR Committee in planning refreshments and luncheons for the Senior Class, and faculty and guest speakers.

For more information or to help with these events please contact the PTSA Volunteer Coordinator at

Government Relations Committee

The Government Relations Committee serves as the liaison to other groups in our community with an interest in TJ, including our state legislators, school board members, FCPS administration and other Virginia Governor’s Schools representatives.  The committee educates elected officials on TJ and its unique programs and gathers position statements from candidates during elections to help our TJ community be better informed as they vote for elected officials who will have jurisdiction over TJ.

For information, contact Government Relations Committee Chair, Mike Clancy at

Reflections Committee

The Reflections Committee solicits and organizes TJ student entries for the National PTA arts competition.

For more information, please contact Relections Committee Chair, Mary Pope at

Directory Committee

The Directory Committee partners with AtoZ Directories to publish the annual student directory. The committee compiles and edits the information for the student directory and is responsible for the distribution of the printed directory. Hard copies of the directory can be purchased on the PTSA website.  Free online access to the directory is given to PTSA members who have purchased membership for the current year.

If you have any questions, please contact the PTSA at